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Motocross Girl Meets Hollywood

Aspens Stunt CoverAspen Kennedi is a courageous and gifted motocross rider, living in a small town with her Father on their farm in Christmas Valley, Oregon. When the bank threatens to put the farm—which has been in their family for generations—into foreclosure, they search desperately for a way to save it.

Fortunately, Hollywood calls! They would like to hire Aspen as a stunt double for the famous actress, Wren Emerson. Willing to do anything to keep the farm, the naïve Aspen agrees to leave her home long enough to endure the rigorous film schedule and dangerous and demanding stunt double role under the command of the productions renowned director and prominent producer.

The first awkward meeting she has with the actress eventually flourishes into a friendship Aspen never thought possible. Despite the hometown boy who pines for Aspen’s heart, and the productions staff that think Wren should date whom they deem acceptable, the two girls can’t deny their growing desires for one another.

Aspen must now complete one more stunt. One that she hopes will overcome all the unrelenting obstacles they face, and will keep her home and heart in harmony, happily together.

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Cover reveal (drum roll please) for Aspen’s Stunt

Aspen’s Stunt (my 2nd novel-yay!) is slated to be released this year–2014. I must admit I have had a blast writing this romance novel. Be watching for its release.

Hope your 2014 is the best year yet!


The Beaver State

Oregon. Never been, but I want to go…real bad. The new novel I am writing splits time between Christmas Valley, Oregon and Hollywood. California, baby! I chose Oregon because from everything I have read, seen, or heard about the place, I love it there.

Christmas Valley has the sand dunes—a great place for my protagonist to practice her motorbike skills. Yes, she is well versed in motocross. Easy access to such a natural wonder, along with living on acres of ranch properly that has been in her family for years (and sadly teetering on foreclosure, oh no!) really gives her that small town feel that is an integral part of the character. But wait… then Hollywood (cha-ching) calls because they need a dirt-bike-chick stunt-double (say that three times quickly) for a famous and beautiful actress, well… you can only imagine!

It’s a start. Approx. 50K words so far. I’ll blog more about the novel in the near future, but I just have to say this story has really gotten my creative juices oozing and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it. In the meantime, here’s a picture of, ah, the person that writes this blog, ah, um… anyway… thanks for taking the time to stop by. Vroom-vroom-zoom!