Head Shot (YA)

Head Shot2

What is it like to endure countless head shots from an abusive parent?

When the latest round of “head shots” lands Reagan in the ER—and subsequently, the all-female psych ward, the endearing, funny, and totally witty teenager feels the need to save face. She explains away her copious amounts of bruises and frequent seizures by pretending to be a mixed martial arts pro-athlete. Passing time in the psych ward, Reagan entertains herself by undermining her Psychologist and by labeling each of the other “crazies” as either a saint or sinner, based upon their own behaviors. Although she prefers solitude from the others, when Reagan is forced to share her tiny room with a newly admitted patient named Taylor, Reagan is utterly intrigued. Oddly enough, she can’t help but take a liking to this delightfully-affectionate roomie and life at the psych ward becomes a whole lot more interesting. Who says you can’t laugh and find some enjoyment in life, even when you’ve been committed?

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