Finding Ms. Write Book Tour: A Compilation of Firsts


Today I have decided to happily embrace a culmination of exciting firsts. For one, and for many of us in this hemisphere, today is the first day of summer. So Happy First Day of Summer! Get out that sunscreen (make it 1000 SPF for my glowing white legs), some sandals, and that special pair of sunglasses that help make you look like the reading Rock Star you are!

Another notable first? Here in the United States we have our first woman nominee for President. No matter who’s got your vote, this is an exciting time, folks. I mean, ninety-six years ago I wouldn’t have been allowed to vote. Now we have a female candidate for THE Presidency? Mind-blowing! Placing my right hand over my heart, ready to belt out, “Oh Say Can You See…”

Okay, hands back on the keyboard. Blog Tour Day #6 isn’t going to type itself.

Another first that has my smile practically wrapping itself around my head?  My story Books, Renovations, and a Vespa was chosen to be included in the brilliant anthology, Finding Ms. Write. I am still reeling with excitement!

How did all this happen? Well, I was perusing the YLVA Publishing website when I first spotted the call for submissions. The words, Anthology of Lesbian Short Stories About “Book People” had me absolutely intrigued and my mind started churning out ideas. What if my protagonist needed a much bigger bookshelf to house all her books? Well, the renovation idea came to me loud and clear, quite possibly because of all the past, present, and future renovations at the Melissa Grace household. One renovation that played over in my mind happened several years ago when we added a sunroom with a 2nd story deck to the back of our house. Boy was that rough, mainly because of the lead contractor supervising the project. After putting up with two weeks of his leaving his cigarette butts all over my backyard where my very young children played, it was time for him to go.


Next, I started thinking more about book people. I first thought about some very special admin who have the innate ability to fit twenty-four hours of reading into a single night. Seriously, they are magical and I would be remiss not to give them heartfelt thanks for all they do to support and encourage our lesfic community. You ladies rule!

Now I had my protagonist Ginny, who happens to be an editor and is in need of a colossal bookshelf in her bedroom to display her piles upon piles of books. A girl after my own heart! And who best to build such a bookcase? Well, along comes Jo, and she’s talented at more than just building bookshelves. How handy!

Now for my biggest and most personal first of the bunch! This is the first time one of my stories has been published with the outstanding publishing company…. YLVA Publishing! Woohoo!!! It also marks the first time I have had a story edited by the wondrous, helpful, and talented duo, Jae & Jove Belle. The two J’s not only taught me a lot about how I could improve my writing, but they were professional, encouraging, and funny. I mean, when Jove asked me if character #2 really needed to hold onto the headboard like character #1 just did during a very heated moment, ahem… I couldn’t help but chuckle. Want to know more about that scene? Read the book!

These ladies aren’t only editors extraordinaire; they are also amongst the 12 brilliant authors whose stories are included in this amazing anthology about book people. And what better people to write about book people than book people?

The full list of authors are below, so please be sure to go check out their websites, blogs, books…you name it, as you get your copy of Finding Ms. Write today!

Happy Firsts and many more wonderful Firsts that will be coming your way!

Books, Renovations, and a Vespa – Excerpt

Two knocks came at her bedroom door. “Miss Wolf?”

Am I ever going to get these edits done? Ginny growled quietly as she tossed her laptop on the pillow, marched over to the door, and opened it. “Yes?” She stuck her head through the cracked opening.

“Almost done knockin’ the cabinets down. The guys and I’ll be headed out in the next half hour, and we’ll be back tomorrow for the delivery. Once we install those upgrades, we can get the template for your new countertops.”

She wanted to slam the door shut to muffle the hammering still coming from the kitchen. Instead, she said, “Thank you for the update, Stanley.”

“Not a problem. And hey…”

She had started to shut the door. “Yeah?”

“A van just pulled up. Says somethin’ about Jo the Pro or somethin’ like that. Don’t know what they’re doin’, but I woulda cut you a deal.”

You can buy the paperback or e-book version of Finding Ms. Write directly from the Ylva store. It’s also on pre-order via Amazon and other major bookstore sites worldwide.

You can also enter our giveaway to win a free e-book! Simply leave a comment on this blog or any blog on the tour and we will draw the winner on the last day of the tour. We will be giving away five e-book copies. Good luck!!!

You can continue this blog tour by checking out Lea Daley’s blog from yesterday and certainly don’t forget to check out Hazel Yeats stop on the tour tomorrow!


Finding Ms. Write

FindingMsWrite_800Twelve authors of lesbian fiction bring you a collection of romantic short stories about “book people”—heroines who are somehow involved in the publishing industry.

From a novelist with the world’s biggest crush on her editor to a beta reader connecting with her cabinmate on a cruise, from a woman seeking rare books who finds love instead to a bookstore owner who’s drawn to the shy writer sitting by the shop’s window every day, this anthology is full of stories guaranteed to have a happy ending.

Step into our world of books and enjoy a glimpse into the lives of writers who are chasing deadlines…and finding love.

Includes stories by A.L. Brooks, Anastasia Vitsky, Chris Zett, Cori Kane, Elaine Burnes, Hazel Yeats, Jacelle Scott, Jae, Jove Belle, Kathy Brodland, Lea Daley, and Melissa Grace.

13 thoughts on “Finding Ms. Write Book Tour: A Compilation of Firsts”

  1. Well, you know how I am with these things! First of all you know I’m a fan. Second – just give me the book, I want it! Thanks for mentioning your great admins team – they ROCK! ❤️

    1. Charlotte, you have made a HUGE and MARVELOUS impact on getting our books out to the readers. If I could get you any and all books you ever wanted, I would. ❤️

  2. Can’t wait to read your story! Umm particularly interested in what’s going on with that headboard!😉 Thanks for the blog and excerpt😊

  3. Awesome blog Melissa. Loved the Excerpt. Can’t wait to read the rest of your story and the other stories in this book.

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