Writing Clichés: Part 1


  1. Eyes meet more than a room full of speed daters. Sometimes those same eyes even lock… like you do your front door?
  2.  Hearts missing beats. If this happens for real, please consult your doctor ASAP. You can google arrhythmia later.
  3. Waves lap more than an over-friendly dog does its person. They even crash more than a speeding car with a driver on some texting frenzy.
  4.  Oh, and no character should EVER forget to look in the mirror to describe the way they look to the reader. Ahem… lazy.
  5. Hands clasp more than your necklaces and bracelets ever could. Calling Captain Hook!
  6. Winds that are so secretive they whisper.
  7. Countdowns almost always reach 1 before the heroine, BAM, saves the day. Whew! Didn’t see that coming.
  8. Character names that would best fit a huge green hairy Ogre, picking his teeth with bone, under a rusted bridge. <– Cliché overload right here.
  9. Nights that are never anything but dark and stormy. Oh, and with extremely dense fog. <– Better bring a knife to cut through it. Any knife will do.
  10. Here’s a “new” one…

Anya: “I totally hate you.”
Zippi: “Yeah? Well you suck.”
Anya: “Your breath stinks of rotting flesh.”
Zippi: “I can’t stand you.”
Anya: “I’m going to belittle you in front of everyone.”
Zippi: “You’re a pompous piece of poo.”

Next scene they are…ahem…in bed!!!