Hooray for Hollywood Spot-on at the VLR

You’re Invited!

Women and Words

To round off the film and TV awards season the Virtual Living Room will be hosting the Spot-on Hooray for Hollywood this coming Friday, 27th February 2015, from 11 am EST.

We will be welcoming the following authors to the virtual living room and discussing their books and writing:

  • Chris Paynter – Survived By A Longtime Companion
  • Ciarán Llachlan Leavit – Glass Houses
  • Gun Brooke – Course of Action
  • HP Munro –  Stars Collide
  • Jae –  Departure From The Script
  • JLee Meyer –  High Risk
  • Karin Kallmaker – Stepping Stone
  • Krystin Zimmer – The Gravity Between Us
  • Lisa Giralomi – Cut to the Chase, Love on Location, The Pleasure Set
  • Melissa Brayden – Waiting in the Wings
  • Melissa Grace – Aspen’s Stunt

Moderated by BeniGee, Devlyn and Henriette Bookgeek, co-hosted with Ann Aptaker, Cindy Rizzo and Jae.

It looks to be a fun weekend so do come and join us!

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