There’s a little voice in your head reading this…

d07cb4ee61aa208c1b2ceaeb41dd4705And the cool thing is, they are my thoughts. No, I am not going to use this, um, “special” power of mine for world domination or control, I simply just want to put my thoughts in you…and yes, this goes both ways. I like to put your thoughts in me as well.

When you have stories in your head that you know people would enjoy, then by all means share them. I read a couple books a month. I know this may seem “piddlee” to some of you, but a couple long books with some short stories in between works fine for my schedule and me. The thing is, reading other people’s stories and having them read mine is a very intimate thing for me…and I don’t take it lightly. I become some of the characters. Some characters I despise, like, fall for….it causes a whole gamut of feelings and takes me to places I have never been.

It’s time for me to become a new character in a new place. Any suggestions?