Candy Striped – A very SWEET cover

Like my new cover? Again, my gratitude goes to Vila Design.

How sweet it is!

Frustrated in her search for a job that can tantalize her selective tastes, Zephyr searches NYC in hopes of finding something deliciously unique to captivate her attention. When she is slammed into the storefront window of an unconventional candy store by a mob of overzealous customers, she finds out soon enough how satisfying the business and its delectable owner Tori truly are. The merge becomes a very sweet deal for both women and a honeyed partnership evolves.

Free sample at Amazon or Smashwords.

One thought on “Candy Striped – A very SWEET cover”

  1. Thank you for the 5-star review on Smashwords dmgill71!

    “Review by: dmgill71 on Jan. 13, 2014 :r
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this tantalizing short story!! Makes me want to go to New York and find this candy store!!! Lol I found it to be a very easy read that flowed well, was funny, sexy and tastefully done!! I recommend for all to read (adults that is)!!!”

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