Time for a fresh start!

clock-1When celebrating the New Year, what is one of the most talked about subjects? Give up? Well, let me tell you… RESOLUTIONS! Of course, you may have already guessed it. Something about the new year gives us the desire for a “fresh start”—and then come the ideas as to what we can do to improve our lives. The possibilities to improve are endless.
My resolutions for this year are pretty simple, or at least I like to think of them that way.
1.  One exciting challenge will be getting at least one of my manuscripts published. I say at least one because in reality, I have only one that is in its final stages of readiness—aside from several short stories that I must either decide to offer individually or in an Anthology.
2.  Another exhilarating challenge will be to achieve my next belt promotion in martial arts. This will require more workout hours than I currently hold steadfast to, and in doing so, I will hopefully get the “look” I am going for, which helps out with resolution number three.
3.  Last, but not least—I hope to get some videos out onto YouTube. I am not talking about just any day run-of-the-mill type videos, but ones that help cultivate my creative goofy side… which I have an overabundance of goofy. If I am going to put my craziness out there for many to see, I want to be looking my best.
Happy New Year!

Care to share your resolutions?


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