Head Shot: Saints and Sinners

dark angel

All right, so I am headed up to heaven on this elevator when the reality is that I am lying on a gurney being rushed into the OR. The bright lights surrounding me could very well be like the ones you see when it’s time to leave this world. I don’t feel like my body is mine. My head feels too big. Way too big. I am having an out-of-body experience, but I can’t see myself.

A bunch of over-zealous robots in scrubs pick me up from the gurney and toss me onto an operation table. Yippee! Next time could we at least be at an amusement park? They’re not really robots, but since they’re all wearing masks and the same light green color, they all look the same to me—especially their automatic movements like they’ve done this a million times before.

“We’re losing her…”

My world goes dark.

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