Not-so-quietly Thinking Inexplicable Thoughts

Inexplicable thoughts have been stimulating my mind practically forever. At a young age I kept a journal rather than share these thoughts with others. After all,  journals are for private thoughts–right? Well, other than the occasional curious family member or snooping friend, that is what I thought journals were intended for. Now I use a journal to scribble down ideas that have the potential of becoming a blog or even a manuscript that I can share with anyone interested in reading them. With a pen and paper in hand, I can practically write anywhere. Don’t worry… I won’t keep you honking in line when the light turns green, but don’t be surprised if I pull off the road into a parking lot so I can log my thoughts before they’re forgotten. By the time I get back on the road I will probably have thought of something new anyway… which reminds me, I need to check my tire pressure.

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